Wool Hybrid Liner Coat Black

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Smart and unique features
Swedish design
Eco conscious

Knee long coat designed to wear as an extra liner. Add our wool hybrid liner when you need a thin and flexible but still extra-warm garment underneath.

Uhip’s liner coats have wool insulation and are specially designed to fit as a warming liner under any of our coats.


Our wool hybrids are constructed using a liner with two layers, and have wool insulation inside.  This ensures that you feel the maximum warmth without the bulk.  The fit is very comfortable and the side panels are made from a spandex/fleece jersey allowing maximum breathabilty  and a stretch for good mobility.  The fabric at the front and back is windproof.

In the Wool Hybrid Liner collection there is a long coat, a short coat and a jacket. The colours are the same as in our winter collection which offers you the possibility to mix and match.



Unsere Familie der Woll Hybrid Liners bietet Bekleidung aus einem Wollmischgewebe, die nach dem Zwiebelschalenprinzip als zusätzliche Isolationsschicht unter Jacke oder Mantel getragen werden kann. Vorn, im Rückenteil und an den Oberarmen mit windschützenden, schrägen, mit Wolle gefüllten Steppkanälen und elastischen Fleece-Einsätzen an den Seiten. Das ist eine perfekte Kombination: Die Wolle wärmt dich, während das Stretchmaterial
größtmögliche Bewegungsfreiheit garantiert.

Unsere Wool Hyrbid Liners gibt es als langen Mantel, Mantel von mittlerer Länge sowie als Zwischenschicht- Jacke. Die Farben der Liner passen zu denen unserer übrigen Kollektion, so dass du nach Belieben kombinieren kannst.

Garment care

  • Gentle wool wash at 30 degrees C
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Hang dry
  • Do not iron
  • No dry cleaning
  • Wash with similar colours
  • Use wool detergent
  • Do not use softener
  • Close all zippers before wash


Take care of your garment

How to use the 2-way separator

When closing

  1. Pull down the slider to the lower slider.
  2. Firmly insert the pin into the base. (Failing to do this may cause malfunction.)
  3. Pull up the slider.

When opening

  1. Pull down the slider to the lower slider.
  2. Remove the pin gently.

A zipper should be closed and the sliders fixed at top and bottom ends before cleaning. Left open, the tip of the slider may damage the fabric or the tape may become stretched or shrink.

The pushbuttons are designed to fulfil the functionality of the garment. We recommend you to unbutton them with care and avoid ripping them apart.