''This collection is a limited edition of our popular 365 family. It's actually my favourite collection. I love to wear it.'' - Ulrika Falkman


10 Year Edition

Wir werden zehn Jahre alt! Diesen Geburtstag möchten wir mit euch und unserer zu diesem Anlass entworfenen Jubiläumskollektion feiern!

Die erlesenen Modelle mit ihrem glänzend dunkelblauen Look und einem Futter aus Goldtönen repräsentieren bestes schwedisches Design. Für zusätzliche Exklusivität sorgen unter anderem auch der goldschimmernde Reißverschluss und das spezielle 10 years edition Logo. Diese Kollektion gibt es nur in einer limitierten Anzahl, und sie ist deshalb etwas ganz Besonderes.  Lass dir die Gelegenheit nicht entgehen, in ihren exquisiten Modellen zu glänzen!

Die Kollektion gibt es für Damen, Herren und Junioren.


Uhip's history

That winter, in the north of Stockholm, the hobby rider Ulrika Falkman got a present from her husband, a present she has wished for a long time; a thermal skirt. She tries it on for the first time wearing here riding pants under. When she looks at her self in the mirror she notices a detail. Something that could have been done differently.


''A light was turned on inside me. I got a vision of a different thermal skirt. A thermal skirt you could wear in the saddle. The vision I got was to put the zippers at the front and back instead and let the skirt sides hang down and cover and warm up your thighs while you sit in the saddle.'' - Ulrika



The idea of the functional riding skirt was born. A company name is created: First a U as in Ulrika, then the English word for hip (as in hip) and Uhip is a fact. The skirt gets design protection from the Swedish Patent and Registration Office.



The creative thoughts are like a popcorn machine in Ulrika Falkman's head. A new idea is born: the fold-down cuff. The project starts, the pace is high and the interest in the new product is increasing explosively.


''It became a success and the thermal skirt, or the riding skirt as the customers called it got siblings and cousins such as riding coats and midlayers. And that is how our fantastic journey begun.'' - Ulrika