The warmest of the warmest

Igloo is an astoundingly practical winter garment designed for those who want to stay warm during the coldest days of the year. As soon as you put on your Igloo you will experience the high quality that can be expected from top-notch Swedish design. Igloo is made of materials that will protect you from the snow, and very good breathability that will keep you comfortable regardless of whether you are sitting still or being active.

In the autumn of 2022 Igloo came with a new improved design, called Igloo 2.0. The upgraded garment has five pockets, including two large front pockets with flaps, two large open front pockets with side openings and a chest pocket. The sleeves are designed with wrist warmers and the sleeves feature Uhip's discreet fold-down solution to protect your hands from moisture and cold. Igloo 2.0 comes in a jacket, coat and coat extended.


I would not have survived this winter without mine. It is amazing! - Matilde



Igloo AW2223.jpg