Performance guide

For you to easily compare our products, symbols appear on different characteristics of a garment. Each property is graded on a scale between 1-10.

Please note that graduation is a comparison between Uhip's products.


snow.svg 10/10 Wärmevermögen

The grading indicates the amount of insulation in the garments.

Nordic eco has the highest amount of insulation and therefore has a 10/10 followed by Nordic 9/10, Ice 8/10, etc.



rain.svg 10/10 Regenundurchlässigkeit

The grading gives a hint of the water column (wp), the material's ability to withstand water.

Regular Sport and Urban stretch are our most rainproof garments and have 10,000 wp and therefore get 10/10, Nordic Eco 8000 wp = 8/10, Trench 7000 wp = 7/10, etc.