We're living in a time when competitions are in pause mode. Still, nature is open 365 days a year. Please salute our beautiful Swedish landscape by riding in the woods among greenery that promises a soon arrival of the summer. Uhip promotes the exploration of our wild nature.

Meeting a poetic sunrise? Feeling the heat of the sunrays at noon? Hearing the sound of hoofs, touching a sandy beach? Waiting for fairytale dawn, sitting in the saddle? Or just go for a lovely ride in the terrain together with friends and family? In times of worry, the moments of joy in extra important.


Uhip is where design and style meet function and durability. Our clothes are made for you to mix, match, and enjoy every day, all year round. Whether you get hit by sun rays or raindrops during your ride, you can always be sure about one thing. Uhip got what you need, to not be forced to compromise between feeling well-dressed and feeling right dressed. Sudden weather changes are no match for those who mix layer by layer.


Dawns these days are both lovely and a bit sneaky. Don't get fooled by a postcard-beautiful nature while riding out in the early morning. To seize the day without getting cold, Uhip's 365 Jackets are the garments in charge: a light form-fitted function jacket for maximum freedom of movement. The volume of isolation material makes the jacket ideal for chilly spring mornings.

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Uhip's v-necked Technical Top with its excellent fit and soft fast-drying material is designed for course training as well as everyday riding in the woods. Our tops are available in both long and short sleeves.

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Wearing a Uhip Vest as a second mid-layer, you can take off the jacket or/and the Vest when the temperature rises or when your body energy increases after riding a while. Uhip's Vest is a perfect match to the 365 Jacket, it boosts the Technical Top and gives you smart flexibility if you like to get heated up or cooled down.

Making a ride complete, sitting comfortably in the saddle is a key. Uhip's riding tights have the look of riding pants, but still, it brings a feeling of soft and sweet tights. You can choose between three colors.

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An alternative to the Riding Tights is the Staple Pant. The pants are specially designed for a full day in the stable, but they work just as well if you like to have a ride on your horse. The Stable Pant gives you a pleasant seat because there are no chafing seams. The Stable Pant is available in both women's and men's sizes. 

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Take care, appreciate spring, and don't forget to mix, match, and enjoy!