Horses and horseback riding - a complicated art that requires both knowledge, patience and lots of time. For the ride to be as pleasant and rewarding as possible, it is especially important to sit comfortably and to be sure that the riding clothes are resistant to all kinds of weather.

Uhips riding skirt - "The original"

For almost a decade we have found inspiration in everyday life where we have taken new fresh ideas to design clothes that will meet the rider's needs, says Ulrika Falkman, CEO and founder of Uhip. Uhip's real classic is the cover skirt, and it was with the skirt all started. We are therefore particularly proud of the skirt – the garment our customers quickly renamed and now called a riding skirt or Uhip skirt in the vernacular. The skirt keeps you warm and has a lot of smart features, Ulrika continues.


Smart Features

Equipping yourself as a rider with stylish clothes that keep you warm and gives you a lot of smart features in horse life is Uhip's guiding principle.




Uhip has skirts in models for all needs. Our rain/wind skirt is, lightly lined, and as the name suggests, it protects you from rain and wind. Uhips Trench Skirt is a water-resistant thin trench-style shell skirt that you can complement with a liner skirt if you desire more warmth. Otherwise, we have skirts with different levels of insulation and protection against rain and wind.

Read more about our various families and their characteristics.


Skirt + Jacket = A match made in heaven

A "perfect match" is to combine your riding skirt with a matching jacket. The advantage of choosing such a combo is that you can create the feel and look of wearing a coat but at the same time have the ability to adapt the upholstery to your needs by taking off your jacket or skirt.